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 We have a connect group on Sunday mornings at 9:30 which is different than most . We are taking an in-depth approach to the book of Romans. We began our journey in Romans In April of 2021 and are still in chapter 4. so if you are looking for just a speedy overview, this isn’t for you.

Even though this will take years to accomplish, the method is one verse at a time, broken down into one phrase, and sometimes one word at a time. Each Sunday, there will be teaching on how the Scriptures apply to your life. so there is much to consider. You won’t be put on the spot as we  learn together. We are all at different places in our spiritual walk. No one has arrived. Nobody has all the answers but we know the One Who does.We believe the scriptures, no exceptions. I’m thankful that the Word teaches us that The Holy Spirit will teach us all things and bring all things to our remembrance.John 14-26
Feel free to come join us.

Both Isaac and Jacob grieved with the loss of Joseph, so they thought. Come discover how a family dealt with this. How God dealt with each member of this family before they became the nation of Israel.


Let's discover some insights that we may not have thought about in the stories that we have learned in Sunday School. Scripture is so deep that it is the whole Bible that enlightens us.

What do many Seniors (ages 55 +) do on alternate Wednesdays in the Hillsborough and surrounding area between September and May? They come to Hillsborough Baptist Church at 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. for fellowship, snacks, games, stories/experience-sharing, ‘Show ‘n Tell’ presentations, devotional reading and prayers, all shared with participants. The session is different every time.


At our last gathering in May, we had 34 people attending to participate in a Potluck, Bingo with Prizes, Games plus a draw for a very special framed photo of our old Hillsborough Baptist Church. Karen Jackman was the winner of this special artist’s photo.


Close to Christmas we have a Potluck and then a fun-loving “Yankee Swap;” bring a wrapped gift and go home with a gift. The choices and swapping gifts create much laughter and entertainment.


Sometimes we have a ‘Seasonal Bingo” with prizes (NOT numbers on cards but suitable seasonal words). Our ‘Show ‘n Tell’ participants have shared their stories with great interest from the rest of us. For a few examples:

Testimony including a family quilt embroidered, showing many family boats

Legend of the Sand Dollar

An antique tool or gadget - - - what is it?

Hand-carved beautiful wooden objects by a talented senior


Our fall session will begin on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. We are looking forward to seeing you and meeting new friends or neighbours that you may bring to this session. Let’s see what our Lord will provide in our upcoming sessions.





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