Connect Groups 

There are a variety of opportunities for being connected in our HBC community.

Many of our groups are available in-person and/or online. 

Connect Groups

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Kids & Youth Groups

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More About Our Connect Groups

 We have a connect group on Sunday mornings at 9:30 which is different than most . We are taking an in-depth approach to the book of Romans. We began our journey in Romans In April of 2021 and are still in chapter 4. so if you are looking for just a speedy overview, this isn’t for you.

Even though this will take years to accomplish, the method is one verse at a time, broken down into one phrase, and sometimes one word at a time. Each Sunday, there will be teaching on how the Scriptures apply to your life. so there is much to consider. You won’t be put on the spot as we  learn together. We are all at different places in our spiritual walk. No one has arrived. Nobody has all the answers but we know the One Who does.We believe the scriptures, no exceptions. I’m thankful that the Word teaches us that The Holy Spirit will teach us all things and bring all things to our remembrance.John 14-26
Feel free to come join us.

"North of 55 for ALL SENIORS, men and women 55+ is resuming every two weeks starting on Wednesday, January 18 at 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.  See you all this Wednesday, and bring a friend or neighbour, too."

Moms connect takes place on Thursday mornings at 10:30 either in the nursery or gym. We get together with our kids of all ages to socialize, share and encourage each other. Because we are all busy watching our kids there has been more of a focus on just having fun and meeting new friends from the community rather than group Bible study and we have a small group praying together on the side using text messages. All moms of teens or younger are welcome even if your kids are all already in school.

Starting on January 29th, the first study of a 4 part study series, done in 6 weeks each, is beginning. This study looks at the characteristics of the Holy Land, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Joshua, and Mary (Jesus' mother). With the study guide for this, there are daily personal studies you can do each week between group sessions that involve a 20 min video and discussion questions. You can participate daily with the study guide, or you can come and participate weekly on Sunday afternoons at 2 pm only if you so choose.



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