Weekly Newsletter

2020-09-24 HBC Update

Hi Everyone

This Saturday!!!! THE RETURN! For more information go to www.thereturn.org. If you would like to attend this amazing event at the church please go to our Pre-Registation page and you can pre-register. If you would like to attend at home go to www.thereturn.org and register there.

If you would like to join our In-Person service on Sunday at 10:30AM please click here.  If you wish to join us at home go to our home page for our Zoom link and our Facebook Link.

To give go to our Giving Page, or you can deposit your envelope in our locked box inside the main door. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at 506-734-2379 or email us at office@hillsboroughbaptist.org

Debbie deJong
Executive Assistant