Reserving the Facilities

In order to reserve any part of the facility, you must fill out the Facility Rental Form. You can pick up the form from the Hillsborough Baptist Church Administrative Assistant, or request a form online through our 'contact us' form (BUTTON/LINK HERE). If possible, reservations should be made 30 days in advance; one exception would be funerals.


The facility is generally available during normal office hours on Monday to Friday but can be available on other days and times upon request and approval. 

It should be noted that the church has various ongoing ministry programs that require utilization of specific room in the facility. Thus availability may be limited on certain days/evenings. 


Available Areas...


Seating is set up for 300 people, with additional chairs available, if required.

The sanctuary is equipped with a sound system, including a full soundboard with a separate screen on stage and back of the sound booth. There is a dimmable and down-lighting that can be programmed for your event. The stage has handicap access. Detailed specs on equipment are available as needed. Access is also available to the music room, adjacent to the stage. 


The gymnasium is approximately 2,800 square feet adjacent to the kitchen. Tables and chairs are available for set up.

Family Room

For a nominal fee, the Family Room can be open during your special event; this room is equipped with a fridge, stove, microwave oven, tables/chairs and piano; this could accommodate 40-50 people.


There is a fully-equipped nursery for childcare. Rooms are typically outfitted with kids' furniture and age-appropriate toys.

Prayer Room/Board Room

This room is available during regular business hours and can accommodate 8-12 people. 


Library/Meeting Room

Library/meeting room is available during regular business hours and will accommodate 8-12 people.

Other Classrooms

Seven classrooms of various sizes are available with tables and chairs.

Fee Payment Policy - See Facility Rental Form

Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. reserves the right to waive fees in the event of financial hardship or demonstrated need.


A Hillsborough Baptist Church technician is required for all events requesting sound, lighting or multimedia presentations, including events in the gymnasium. Based on the scope of your event, more than one technician may be required. There is an additional fee for this service. Setup and sound checks must take place during the rental time frame with a Hillsborough Baptist Church technician. 

Food and Beverages

Users of the facility are reminded that as a limited number of chairs/tables are available, the cost of renting any additional chairs/tables will be the responsibility of the user. 

The gymnasium is available for events requiring tables and chairs. FOod and beverage items may be brought in. For more information contact the Social Committee Chairperson.

Setup and Cleaning

Chairs and tables are provided and should be set up under the direction of the Board of Facilities team.

Users of the facility are responsible for assuring that the facility is left in its original condition at the conclusion of the event. This includes removing all decorations from the walls and trash from the floor, wiping up all spills, and removing all event materials from the space. 


Decorations are not provided by Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. ANy and all decorations must be approved in advance, including locations to be decorated or modified. 

No furniture or equipment shall be moved without advance approval. No table sprinkles, confetti, or rice are permitted on the property.

Additional Information

No deliveries will be accepted by Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. staff for an event. Users of the facility must bring all items with them at the time of setup. 

Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. reserves the right to disallow access to the facility to any user of the facility who has violated these guidelines. 

Visitor safety and access to public areas must be maintained at all times

Users of the facility should only access the parts of the facility that they have rented. Other parts of the facility should be considered off-limits.

Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. is not responsible for damage to, or loss of any equipment, written materials, or other valuable items left in the property, prior to, during or following any function by the users, their contractors or their guests. 

Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. reserves the right to limit the noise level in any of our rooms for any reason. 

It the responsibility of the group or organization to see that no exit door is blocked.


The signing of the Facility Rental Form shall constitute an acknowledgment by the group or organization of acceptance of their responsibility for any damage to the facility or equipment resulting from such use, and for the enforcement of all rules and regulations for the use of facilities during the time, they have rented the facilities. 

Signing of the Facility Rental Form acknowledges the users' requirement to adhere to all guidelines as set out in Hillsborough Baptist Church Facility Usage Policy.

Church Activities/Security

All impromptu and other youth activities carried on in the church facility which are not part of the regularly planned youth programs of the Church, must be supervised by at least TWO persons who have met the requirements of the Child Protection Policy and are approved by the Christian Education Board. 

Notification of the planned activity must be given to the Board of Facilities. Also, one of these two persons must have an Alarm COde and know the layout of the facility. 

Use of the Church Overnight

Sleep-ins in the church facility as arranged by any person or group of persons must meet the requirements of the Child Protection Policy, and be approved in advance by the Christian Education Committee, and are not permitted without formal permission. 

The Christian Education Committee is responsible for notifying the Board of Facilities of approved events. 

Emergency Situations

In an emergency situation, whoever is in charge of the program or event shall have authority to declare the church facility closed and cancel programs or have the facility evacuated if he/she has reasonable cause to believe there may be any danger of any kind. Such situations may include, but are not limited to:


  • the smell of gases or toxic fumes
  • broken pipes expelling water or other liquids
  • the sounding of smoke detectors or fire alarms
  • falling plaster or any other sign that may suggest structural weakness

Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. is the emergency location for the local school (Emergency Measures Organization).

Borrowing of Church Equipment/Furniture

Any requested use of church equipment of furniture must be in writing and be directed to the Chair, Board of Facilities. The timing of the request must allow time for the Board members to be contacted for their input.

Use of Gymnasium or Sanctuary by Outside Group

Any request to use the gymnasium and/or sanctuary by an outside group will be reviewed by the Board of Facilities. 

This request will need to be in writing showing the date, duration of use, purpose of use, number of people involved, and the name of Hillsborough Baptist Church member who will be in charge of security.

Facility Usage Policy

The building and property is legally owned by the Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. and is located at 26 Braam Crescent, Hillsborough, NB. All users are expected to honour the boundaries of the Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc. Constitution. 


Please inform Administrative Assistance when reserving any part of the facility to avoid double reservations at 734-2379 or office@hillsboroughhaptist.org 


General Guidelines for Facility Usage


The following guidelines are intended to honour the blessings God has bestowed upon us relative to this building and property.

  • All users of the facility should familiarize themselves with exit locations, washroom facilities, storage areas, janitor areas, classrooms, office areas. A photo layout of the building is included. Guided tours are also available upon request during business hours.
  • The Somke0Free Places act of New Brunswick states: "Smoking and/or vaping is not permitted within nine metres of doorways, windows and air intakes enclosed public places and indoor workplaces."
  • One specific way that we can show our respect for the facility is to clean up after ourselves. If you are a group leader, it is your responsibility to see that rooms are left neat and tidy when you are done. Floors should be swept and wiped if things have been spilt on them. Chairs and tables should be returned to where they were at the beginning of your meeting. There are adequate brooms, mops and cleaning supplies in the janitor area. Be considerate of those who may be using the room(s) after you or those valuable volunteers who look after the janitorial duties. 
  • Please do not drag tables, chairs, furniture, boxes or anything else across the floor. In addition, under no circumstance should anyone standing on chairs. Stools and ladders are available. 
  • Bulding security is a shared responsibility; your assistance is appriciated. The person in charge of the ministry or event is responsible to ensure all doors are locked and the alarm is set when he/she leaves. 
  • Under no circumstance should security codes and keys be shared. 
  • If scheduling a meeting or event, ensure the Administrative Assistant is aware to avoid double bookings. 
  • Do not randomly leave items in the church. Ensure that there is a ministry need for items you might leave by checking with that particular ministry leader. As well, items left should be clearly identified as to who they are for. 
  • The care and maintenance of the facility is done by volunteers. Please show your appreciation by following these suggestions:
    • Do not leave items in the building unless pre-approved and clearly labelled by a ministry leader
    • Ensure rooms are left clean and furniture properly positioned. 


Board of Favilities, September 2017


Aditional questions:
If you have any other questions, contact the 
Administrative Assistant at Hillsborough Baptist Church Inc.
Phone: 734-2379 (Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
Email: office@hillsboroughbaptist.org