One Pew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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  1. Dear God; thank you for the blessing that is your word; the blessing that is Pastor Nick delivering this message you have given him and the blessing that is a convicted heart after hearing your message on double mindedness.
    I am grateful for the Sunday School that I was sent to as a child for it was there you began to prepare my heart for salvation. I sat on those little wooden chairs and heard the stories of Noah, Jonah, David, and then the parables of Jesus and the meaning behind his death an resurrection.
    Now as an adult Christian, I learn that there is this thing called “double minded” where you speak directly to me about the way I only give you the easy minimum of my life and reserve the rest for me.
    It occurs to me, once again, that I treat you as real and alive for the part of my Christian life that helps me/makes me feel good but treat you as a “collection of nice stories that churches tell to children” where I do not want to let you in.
    It then occurs to me that I need to re-consider my decisions about my convictions. I cannot bear to believe that You are not real but I often behave as though you are not really there.
    My “manure in the middle of the floor” fells like a armload of road apples (sins) that I cannot bear to put down, but I also see that those same sins are why I cannot feel a closeness with You.
    The enemy wants me to fail, when I am listening to him, I have the duster in my hand, goin’ round the room. God please help me to read and listen to your word everyday, pray to you each day as I work with you on the manure pile and give my duster to the enemy.

    Thank you Lord, In Jesus’ name. Amen