Weekly Newsletter

Nov 23rd weekly newsletter

Good day HBC Family and Friends!

The lights are on the house, the Christmas village is set up, and the tree is in the living room!  That must mean it is time for us to begin preparing for Christmas. 

One of the amazing things about Christmas for me is how easy it is to focus on the baby in a manger and forget the truth that this is the story of the birth of Jesus.  Jesus is God in human form, come to live among us, to experience life as we do.  That means in his life, like in ours, rain falls and snow comes.  He understands our struggles and our pain.  He came to pay for our sin and set us free!

That's why we celebrate Christmas.  Because Jesus is good news.  He is the light of the world and he came to earth so that all who believe in Him and declare Him their Lord will live and never die.

No matter how buried you feel, there is new life waiting to be birthed, when you let the Son into your life.

Jesus Christ melts frozen hearts, heals the sick, gives sight to the blind, and hope to the hopeless.  He finds the lost, and sets the captive free.  His name is Jesus, and this Sunday, as we begin our Advent season, we reflect on what Christmas is really all about.  Come join us as we prepare for this amazing, challenging, confusing and wonderful day we call Christmas and see if together we can find the peace we've been searching for.

Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

Pastor Geoff