Weekly Newsletter

May 31st weekly newsletter

Good day, Albert County!

I'm always amazed at how true Jesus' words are... "In this world you will have trouble..."  

Challenges and troubles come from many sources, from relationships, from within ourselves, from others, and from attacks of the evil one, Satan.  The Bible actually says that he has schemes, plans to harm us, that his goal is to steal, and kill, and destroy us.  But there is good news.  Jesus goes on and says, "but take heart.  I have overcome the world."  

That means that whatever the devil plans, whatever difficulties come your way, whatever troubles your heart and soul and life.  Jesus has done all that you need, all that we need.  It means that nothing can separate you from the love of God.

And that is good news, in moments like these, God will never leave you or forsake you!  He gave us Jesus, and Jesus gave us one another, the church, to love and encourage and learn from one another how to love others as He loved us.

So we are never alone. In good times, and in troubles.

See you all Sunday!


Pastor Geoff