Weekly Newsletter

May 18th Weekly newsletter

Good day, Albert County!

Today was a good day.  I had the opportunity to go with 10 leaders to a conference in Fredericton.  We learned a lot, we laughed and shared and sang together, and we came home with a great question.  What would happen if we were all aligned with the same goal?

What I mean is this.  When the call comes in from the fire department, all those who respond to a fire make their way to the scene with the goal of preserving life, then preserving property.  Their common goal is to extinguish the fire safely and quickly.  When they are working together, each one knows their role and follows directions given by the fire chief, trusting that they will be used well.  (yes, I recognize this would be true in an ideal world!).  In the same way, as illustrated at the conference, when a group of people are stuck in an elevator, they suddenly have the same goal and align themselves with getting out of the elevator.  There is great power in alignment, in people working together for a common cause, a common goal, and surrendering their wants or desires in order to achieve that goal.

So what if?  What if each one of us were to examine our hearts and choose to commit to the shared goal of sharing the good news about Jesus with our community?  What if we were to set aside our priorities, our wants and desires in favour of serving those who have not yet heard the good news?

What if we chose to become healthy, in order to help others get healthy, and taught them to Love God, to Connect to others, and to Serve?

If each one of us aligned with this goal, imagine what could happen!  As a great young pastor said at the conference; God is still God in the small places and can do great things HERE, yes HERE!

God is already doing something great in Alma.  Pray this Sunday for Pastor Paul and The Tide Church in Alma as Riverside-Albert Baptist and some of our own go to Alma to commission Paul for the work there, and to affirm those who are there of our commitment, our alignment around reaching people in Albert County with the good news about Jesus.  The service there begins at 10 am.

Be praying as well for Pastor Michael Kaye as he leads at Hillsborough Baptist this Sunday and brings the message.  I trust that wherever you find yourself this Sunday, you will align yourself with what God is doing, and Love Him, connect to someone else, and serve, so that others may know the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

As I said last week, God is good, and we are seeing him move together here in Albert County, keep praying and trusting, The Tide is rising!


Pastor Geoff