Weekly Newsletter

Mar 10th Weekly newsletter

Good day HBC!

We've weathered another couple of storms my friends, and once again been reminded that God is the one who makes us white as snow!  

A couple of reminders for you this week!

First, don't forget that youth group resumes tomorrow night, middle school at 6:00 and high school at 7:30. Hillskidz and junior choir also resume on Tuesday evening.

Second, don't forget the time change tonight!  This is the night when we spring forward one hour in order to have longer daylight hours.  Whatever your thoughts on this annual change, let me suggest this thought to you.

When we choose to spring forward our clocks, we often feel tired, a bit off, at least for a few days as we adjust our internal clocks and rhythms.  In the same way, that spring forward leads to longer daylight hours, we can find ourselves with more of God's blessings when we spring forward in our spiritual lives.

Where are you stuck in your journey with God?  Where might you spring forward, in prayer, in your study of his word, in serving?  Here's what I think is true.  When you try to spring forward, it will often feel strange, perhaps even tiring and difficult at first.  But unlike the annual time change, which may or may not be good for us, springing forward in your journey with God, trusting him more, pursuing him more... this is always good.

The Bible says that God is looking for those who worship him in spirit and truth.  So let me encourage you.  Spring forward in your spiritual journey.  Recommit yourself to following Christ as part of his body, the church.  Choose to love God, connect with others, and serve, shoulder to shoulder with your Christian sisters and brothers, the community we have been given to reach here in Albert County.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

Pastor Geoff