Weekly Newsletter

June 7th weekly newsletter

Good day, Albert County!

So blessed to have a Father in heaven who listens and loves us as his children.  Romans 8 teaches us that we can call out, "Abba, Father".  This word means 'Daddy', a word we use for a good Father that we trust and love.  We know a good Father, a good Daddy, will catch us, love us, share his wisdom and strength when we need it.

God is good, and his love is available to each of us through faith in Jesus death and resurrection.  So let me ask you today, have you called on your heavenly Father today?

He is waiting for your call!

Don't forget, Vacation Bible School starts June 24th!  There is still room if you can help, please call the office at 734-2379.

See you all Sunday!


Pastor Geoff