Weekly Newsletter

June 14th - weekly newsletter

Good day, Albert County!

One of the goals we have set for ourselves is to become a place where people can become healthier.  The challenge is that when we've worked or thought a certain way it can be very difficult to break out of a rut, to even know where to start.  I read an article today that lines up with some of my thoughts on that, and I'd like to encourage you all to give it a read and consider what might happen if we saw every situation as an opportunity to care for, and even to minister to, those we struggle to understand, appreciate or relate to.

The link is below!




Let me encourage you to simply and prayerfully consider; "what are the conversations you and I are avoiding that might let us together become healthier, and help those who join us on the journey to do the same."

Food for thought!

Don't forget, Vacation Bible School starts June 24th!  There is still room if you can help, please call the office at 734-2379.

See you all Sunday!


Pastor Geoff