Weekly Newsletter

Nov 2 weekly newsletter

Good afternoon HBC Family and Friends!

When I first moved to Moncton I was told to go and see the Tidal Bore.  It was world famous, and I was so excited to go and see this miracle of nature.  Imagine Debbie and my surprise when we waited for an hour to see a small wave, barely a ripple, rolling up the Petitcodiac River.  I was so disappointed that day!  I started calling it the Total Bore instead of the Tidal Bore.  Instead of celebrating and promoting this amazing natural wonder, I was negative and discouraging to those who asked.  To be honest, I even told those who didn't ask that it wasn't worth seeing.

Isn't it amazing how we can take for granted 100 billion tonnes of water moving in and out of the bay each tide?

And then just a week or so ago, I went to see the Tidal Bore with my Dad.  I even made the joke about the total bore... and then I saw this guy riding the Bore.

I was snapping pictures and taking video and just hoping to see more and more!

I can't help but ask this question as I think about that moment.  How many of us have treated our church and church family the same way.  Something that we think should be amazing, but then we are disappointed or hurt somehow, and quickly turn to avoiding, ignoring, or even making fun of something that is actually spectacular.

Here is what I know.  Two weeks ago, two people who had a transforming encounter with God got into the water and were baptized.  As they shared their stories, we were all profoundly impacted.  Their response to God's wave in their life was to have the ride of their lives, they are truly changed. 

And each of us, each of us, gets to be part of that.  All.  The.  Time.  

If only we could see, in the day to day moments of our lives, in the midst of our busyness, struggles, and yes, even pain.  God is still moving in a big way.  Far more is happening in people's lives than just 100 billion tonnes of water coming through twice a day.  And we have the opportunity, if we just look, to see it.  To be part of it.

And that my friends, is anything BUT boring.  God is on the move, and he has invited us to ride the wave and be led by his Holy Spirit into an adventure that we couldn't have imagined.

Ephesians 3:20 says that God is "able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine..."

Do you believe this for your life and the lives of the others around you?  Will you ride God's wave?  Or will you be like the other man I saw enter the water to ride the wave that day, will you just give up?

I challenge you to ride.  And just so you know, there is good news.  Even if you fall off the wave, there is always another one coming eventually!  God never gives up on us!

Come join us for the ride this Sunday!

Pastor Geoff