Weekly Newsletter

Feb 8th weekly newsletter

Good day HBC!

I was praying through Psalm 69 this morning and was encouraged to claim and remember the truth found in verse 32 and 33 where it says this, "...you who seek God, let your hearts revive.  For the Lord hears the needy..."

My friends, God is on the move.  I have seen his hand at work in our lives and the impact we are seeing on others.  I have to say thank you to all of you who are serving and sharing your gifts and talents week in and week out.  Together, we are making a difference and God is receiving the glory!

Thanks as well for your prayers and support for Nick and Jennifer while they are out on sick leave.  Please continue to pray that God will give healing and help to them, to their families, and to us as a church as we navigate this season.  

It is my firm belief that the best evidence that God's church is doing God's will is that the enemy begins to attack.  Pray that we would press on, as Dr. Buckingham challenged us a couple of weeks ago, and not let the challenges and difficulties in our lives prevent us from becoming and being a place where people can find Christ, become healthier, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically, as we love God, connect to each other and serve this region for the cause of Christ!

Thank-you to all who came for our annual meeting.  Thanks to those who organized the meal which was so appreciated, and to each of you for coming and listening to God's Spirit as we reviewed the past and looked forward to the future together.  

God is on the move.  We have people asking for baptism, people growing in their faith, small groups happening and now thanks to your support we are pressing ahead with our plans to partner with some of the other churches in our region to plant a new digital church site in Alma at their community centre starting in May!  It is no wonder that the devil is attacking, again, please pray that God would guard our staff and church as we continue moving forward by faith!

A few announcements to make you aware of!

First, join us tonight for our family prayer time as we come together to hear about how God is moving, answering prayer, and changing lives.  Joyce Kaye will be sharing some of her story with us, and we will also be offering prayer training for those who would like to learn to pray.  Jesus disciples asked him, "Lord, teach us to pray."  They knew that if Jesus prayed, this must be important and that they should do it to.  Let me encourage you to consider the reality of the power of prayer and come join us, learn to pray and experience the mystery, miracle and joy of finding out for yourself that God does answer prayer!

Second, could you please consider coming alongside and helping fill in while Nick is sick and helping with our youth and children's programs. 

Two specific needs that need help immediately: 
We need drivers to help take a group of our youth to a Wildcats hockey game in the afternoon of February 18th - please call Tyler Bickford if you are willing to drive - 232-4506

We also need snacks and drinks for youth group on Sunday nights.  If you can bake cookies or contribute a bag of chips or a bottle of pop it would be much appreciated and would really encourage those who have stepped up to lead.  You can drop off snacks or drinks at the church, or contact Tyler at 232-4506.

I hope you have a great week, and I can't wait to see you Sunday!

Pastor Geoff

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