Weekly Newsletter

Dec 14th weekly newsletter

Good day HBC Family and Friends!

What a great Sunday we had last week.  The kids did an amazing job with the musical Agapaopolis on Friday and Sunday and blessed us all with their voices and talents!  God's love is available!  Thanks again to all who helped and participated, you are appreciated!

Another special Sunday is on the way!  Don't miss out as we continue our series, "Grinched" and explore where our joy is this Christmas!  Our handbell choir will also be performing!

Christmas Eve is approaching fast, we want you to know that on Christmas eve day we'll be offering two services, one at 10:45 am and the other at 4 pm.  These services will be identical, so choose the best time for you to come and celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, and to share in our candlelight celebration.  It is our hope that these times will enable you to choose to invite your friends and family and share the blessings of Christmas together!  Don't miss out!  We'd like to invite you to consider a gift for Christmas Eve towards the needs of those in Albert County.  We will be sharing that gift with our benevolent fund and the two Albert County food banks, don't miss out on this chance to bless those in need!  (Note: please bring your regular offering to whichever service you choose to attend!)

As the year comes to an end I'd like to make you aware of another real need.  As a church, we support a number of missions and ministries around the world and fund this through our missions budget.  We would like to invite you to consider bringing a special gift on New Year's Eve in order to address a shortfall.  Those who serve are depending on us for their needs, I invite you to prayerfully consider how you can help.  Together, we can make the difference!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Geoff