Weekly Newsletter

Apr 5th weekly update

Good afternoon all!

I want to thank you all today.  The Easter season, that moment we remember Jesus' sacrifice, and his resurrection, is always an awesome time together.  I was greatly encouraged to see so many of you and have the chance to celebrate together last Sunday with 3 baptisms and a total of 6 new people coming into our church family as members.  Thank-you for being part of this amazing, beautiful group called the church!  Thank-you for the privilege of being your pastor.  Thank-you for the many personal notes I received from folks on social media and in cards wishing me a happy birthday for my 50th (-2!) as a couple of folks put it!

Oh and by the way, we have two more folks joining our church this Sunday, come show your support!

God is so good.  Let me offer today a little something to think about, written by Joe Stowell that I keep on my desk.  "We are tempted to think that we should make something of our lives and at the same time follow Jesus.  Wrong!  He calls us to first follow him and then he makes something of our lives. (Matthew 6:33).  And while God may not require you to give up your career, following Him will guarantee that you will never see your career in the same way again.  Where you fish is not important.  But if you follow, you must fish."

So a simple question today.  Where are you fishing?

See you Sunday!

Pastor Geoff